Multi2000 Multiplexed



Based on a multiplexed architecture, the MULTI2000 product line provides cost-effective flexibility. A broad range of available configurations from 16 x 64 (pulsers x channels) to 128 x 512 covers a large range of potential applications. M2M multiplex systems can be used with virtually every commercial linear, angular, and matrix array probe. All standard test methods are supported, such as pulse-echo and transmit-receive mode, TOFD and dual element measurements. The Multi2000 system allows electronic scanning and sector scanning. M2M phased array systems are the only systems worldwide with a build-in CIVA software module, for beam simulation, establishment of the delay laws and calculation of the focus settings.


Mulit2000 Software



Multi2000 Characteristics

Hardware configuration
# of (pulsers × channels) 16×64, 32×128, 64×256
Embedded processors 2 CPU (PowerPC) on CPU board
Data acquisition
Gates Hardware and software gates
Synchronization Synchronization of gates available
Trigger On event (threshold, echo, …) or
user-specific (time, encoder, …)
Waveform Acquisition of individual waveforms and/or summed data
Display Real time A-, B-, C-Scan
Data format Parameters: XML; Data: binary
Data flow Up to 30 MB/s
Phased Array Control
Focusing Customized focusing, electronic scanning, sectorial scanning 
Inspection modes Pulse-echo (1 probe) and transmit-receive (2 probes)
Hardware RAM 32 MB
Pulse shape Neg. rectangular pulse 
Voltage 30 … 200 V in 1 V steps
Pulse width 30 … 625 ns in steps of 2.5 ns
Repetition rate Up to 30 kHz with change of delay law
Bandwidth 0.8 … 20 MHz
Adjustable gain 0 … 80 dB on each channel
Analog DAC 80 dB (max. 40 dB/µs)
Crosstalk between 2 channels > 50 dB gain
Input signal Max. 0.8 Vp-p
Hardware 8 channel boards, 10 bits, FIR filters
Sampling rate 6.6 … 100 MHz
Global delay 0 … 1.6 ms in steps of 10 ns
Delay laws 0 … 20 µs in steps of 2.5 ns in transmission and reception
Digitizing depth Up to 50,000 samples Max.
4,000 samples per elementary channel
External connection
Data interface 1 × USB 2
Phased Array probe conn. 2 × FRB (Hypertronix)
Lemo connectors 4, up to 8 optional (for single probe)
Analog inputs 16
TTL connectors 2 inputs
Encoder connector 8 channel input
Dimensions 32×35×14 cm (16×64 and 32×128 version)
44×45×14 cm (64×256 version)
Weight 7.5 kg (16×64 and 32×128 version)
11 kg (64×256 version)