MultiX-LF Low-frequency High-power



The MultiX-LF is a unique phased-array system optimized for low-frequency applications. It is ideal for applications on highly attenuative/heterogeneous materials such as thick composite, concrete and casted steels.

Due to its full parallel architecture the system can send and receive on all array elements of the probe simultaneously. High voltage pulses can be generated in a broad band in the low frequency range, with multiple pulse modulation possibilities.

A broad range of available configurations from 16 to 64 parallel channels covers a large range of potential applications. MultiX-LF systems can be used with virtually every commercially available linear and matrix array probe. All standard test methods are supported, such as pulse-echo and transmit-receive mode, TOFD and dual element measurements.


MultiX-LF Characteristics

Hardware configuration
# of parallel channels 16, 32, or 64
Embedded processors 2 CPU (PowerPC) on CPU board
Data acquisition
Gates Hardware and software gates
Synchronization Synchronization of gates available
Trigger On event (threshold, echo, …) or user-specific (time, encoder, …)
Waveform Acquisition of individual waveforms and/or summed data
Display Real time A-, B-, C-Scan
Data format Parameters: XML; Data: binary
Data flow Up to 30 MB/s
Phased Array Control
Focusing Customized focusing, electronic scanning, sectorial scanning 
Acquisition modes Full matrix capture (FMC) Smart flexible probe (TCI) optional
Inspection modes Pulse-echo (1 probe) and transmit-receive (2 probes)
Hardware RAM 32 MB
Pulse shape Neg. rectangular pulse 
Pulse forming Burst and chirp: more than 30 adjustable pulses
Voltage 30 … 400 V in 1 V steps
Pulse width 50 ns … 10 µs in steps of 2.5 ns
Repetition rate Up to 30 kHz with change of delay law
Bandwidth 50 kHz … 20 MHz
Adjustable gain 0 … 70 dB on each channel
Analog DAC 70 dB (max. 40 dB/µs)
Crosstalk btw. 2 ch. > 45 dB gain
Input signal Max. 2 Vp-p
Hardware 4 channel boards, 12 bits, FIR filters
Sampling rate 2.0 … 100 MHz
Global delay 0 … 1.6 ms, step of 10 ns
Input impedance 50, 75, 100, 250 Ω
Delay laws 0 … 100 µs in steps of 2.5 ns in transmission and reception
Digitizing depth Up to 50,000 samples Max.
8,000 samples per elementary channel
External connection
Data interface USB 2
Ph/A probe connector 1 × FRB (Hypertronix)
BNC connectors 16, 32, or 64
Analog connectors 16 inputs
TTL connectors
2 inputs
Encoder connector
8 channel input
Dimensions 35×32×18 cm (16/32 ch version)
45×34×18 cm (64 ch version)
Weight 9 kg (16/32 ch version)
14 kg (64 ch version)