SNAP 非線形超音波計測



Within the RAM-5000 series the SNAP system has been developed specifically for research on non-linear acoustic phenomena. Some examples of important applications include: metal fatigue, micro cracking, bond strength of adhesives, metal embrittlement, and properties of coatings. The RITEC SNAP incorporates a number of unique circuits designed to facilitate the determination of these properties using a variety of techniques. A standard SNAP system consists of the following modules. However, specific adaptations to your special measurement needs are possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


モジュール  個数 概略機能
Gated Amplifier Unit 2 各々、駆動周波数を設定可能。各バースト間のディレイ、位相設定可能
Timing Unit 1 バーストパルス出力タイミング、受信信号検出ゲート設定制御
Synthesizer Unit 3 2出力バーストパルスの周波数と受信周波数を個別に設定可能
Phase Detector 1 2次、3次高調波を選択増幅し、位相検波を行う
Integrator Unit 1 Phase Detector 出力信号を積分し、S/Nを向上させる