(日本語) 非破壊検査総合シンポジウム 秋季講演大会

Tue12 Nov-Wed13 Nov 2019

We will exhibit at the product session of “Non-Destructive Inspection General Symposium Autumn Lecture Convention” sponsored by the Japan Nondestructive Inspection Association.

On the day, we will invite a staff member of a French subsidiary to give a lecture.

We are looking forward to seeing you with a lot of details from UT to RT, ET and GWT.

[Non-destructive simulation software CIVA]

Features: It is possible to simulate non-destructive inspection methods. Simulation of ultrasonic testing, radiation transmission testing, eddy current testing, and guided wave testing is possible.

In particular, it can be used to solve problems in ultrasonic flaw detection, such as vertical flaw detection in UT, calculation of beam directivity of oblique flaw detection, calculation of sound field, calculation of delay row of phased array probe, probe design.

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