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Insight k.k.


2-6-7 Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo








July 3, 2001


30 M¥

Representative director

Mr. Kazuhiro Kyotani


Development, manufacture, sales, rental, import and export of research instrumentation and control equipment, in particular for non-destructive evaluation applications, and others.

Correspondant Banks

Mizuho Bank, Shinjuku Minamiguchi branch / Simutomo Mitsui Bank, Ikebukoro Higashiguchi branch

Company History

Insight k.k. was founded in 1989 in Tokyo, Japan.

Insight offers systems, services and training in the field of non-destructive evaluation technology (NDE). In particular, Insight specialized on non-destructive evaluation by using Ultrasound technology.

Driven by a group of experienced engineers, working in the field of Non-Destructive Ultrasound Evaluation since more than 35 years, Insight successfully introduced our own line of Ultrasonic C-SCAN analysis systems to the Japanese market in 2006.

The great success of these C-SCAN systems on the Asian market, and the growing demand from international customers, were the reason for Insight kk to open overseas offices:

In 2011, a first office opened in the USA. The Insight America office serves our American customers.

In 2012, a second office opened near Grenoble, in France. This Insight Europe office covers the European market.

Today, Insight instruments are installed worldwide, in all major markets (Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Defense). A wide span of applications is addressed, from use of the systems in failure analysis labs to 24/7 applications on production sites.

How to find us

Please refer to the map. Nearest train station: Shin-Okubo (Yamanote line)


Partner Products Areas served
Socomate(France) High-speed phased array systems Japan
CEA List(France) Ultrasound simulation software CIVA Japan
Insight(Japan) Ultrasonic C-SAM imaging systems worldwide
JSR Imaginant(USA) Ultrasonic pulser/receiver; Multilayer coating thickness gauge PELT
TLC Ultrasound(USA) Ultrasound phased array systems Japan
RITEC(USA) High power ultrasonic sine wave pulser/receiver; Ultrasonic non-linear measurement systems Japan, Europe
TECNAR(Canada) Laser ultrasound systems Japan, Europa
M2M(France) Ultrasound probes for various non-destructive testing; Certification probe GE/P & W/RR

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