From the microscopic world such as semiconductor analysis up to very large structures such as aircraft engines. Insight offers the optimum non-destructive ultrasonic inspection tool for applications where failure is not an option, for ensuring safety and comfort to every human and the entire society.
  • Tecnología Aeroespacial

    Tecnología Aeroespacial

    Inspection of materials and parts of aircraft engines, including wing and fuselage parts, skin and stringers. Inspection of metallic and carbon fiber composite materials.

  • Semiconductor


    Inspection of electronic parts, ICs, printed circuit boards. Inspection of the interface of bonded wafer, voids of underfill, interlayer of ceramic parts, bonding of solder bumps, chip crack, and so on.

  • Hierro y Acero

    Hierro y Acero

    Inspection of welds of electric resistance welded steel pipes, seamless steel pipes, rolled steel plates, rolling rolls. Hot rolled sheet thickness measurement. Examination of damage due to fatigue, creep, corrosion etc. Inspection of target materials.

  • Automotriz


    Inspection of in-vehicle electronic components, thermal equipment, transmission components, wheels, car body. Multi-layer paint thickness measurement. Inspection of composite material parts such as CFRP.

  • Investigación y Desarrollo

    Investigación y Desarrollo

    Determination of physical properties and damage assessment by resonant ultrasound spectroscopy. Analysis of non-linear ultrasonic phenomena.