Nuestro Negocio

Insight was established by a group of experts in fully digital non-destructive ultrasonic testing.

Today, in a rapidely evolving technological environment, we continue to develop, manufacture and import/export state-of-the-art non-destructive test equipment for a large variety of applications and service tasks.
  1. Industrial measurement and test systems


    Non-destructive ultrasonic inspection systems have been our field of special expertise since foundation of the company. At Insight, we strive everyday to pushing the technological bounderies when developing new ultrasonic test systems and applications. In collaboration with leading international manufacturers we are widening our portfolio of high-performance, highly cost efficient inspection equipment. Today, customized unique test systems are installed at customer sites all over the world.

  2. Application development


    As an expert group for non-destructive ultrasonic test equipment we are also developing software for ultrasonic data acquisition, 2D/3D image processing and fully customized acquisition and data analysis systems. All our scanners can be customized to fit your specific sample size and shape, and we are able to design ultrasonic transducers that match perfectly your application. Our know-how will result in solutions that minimize your inspection time and effort.

  3. Service


    Insight's test and application laboratory is at your disposal for outsourcing ultrasonic C-Scan testing and CIVA simulation software services. Certified engineers for CIVA training sessions are available.