With the PELT-µPts3 and PELT-µPts5 instruments JSR-Imaginant introduces the next generation of the industry proven PELT (Pulse Echo Layer Thickness) systems for  high resolution, multi-layer thickness measurements. With further improved Gauge Precision, smaller size and lighter weight, these hand-held devices use the most recent state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology for unparalleled precision and accuracy. Thickness measurements can be obtained on up to 5 different sub-layers of a coating system on any substrate (steel, Aluminum, SMC, Plastics, Carbon Fiber, Wood, Glass, …), with a resolution of down to 1 µm.


This advanced technology can be used to effectively monitor coating uniformity and for verification that applied coatings are within specification. Since measurements are quick and easy, more locations per part can be measured and the number of parts tested can be increased. The supplied Windows application software manages data transfer, displays the RF wavefrom, and allows ultrasonic waveform analysis. Optional Microsoft Excel-based reporting software allows visualization of thickness data in customized formats.

  • Non-destructive – No damage on measured parts
  • Coating thickness measurement on any substrate: steel, aluminum, SMC, plastics, carbon fiber, wood, glass, …
  • Compatible with a large variety of coatings: paints, plastics, composite metals, epoxies, rubber, …
  • Reports the thickness of each individual layer (up to 5), and the total thickness
  • Excellent Gauge R&R
  • Storage of > 10k measurement points
  • Result data (RF waveform, coating thickness) can be automatically transferred to a PC for storage and future analysis


Measuring method

The PELT Gauge transmits an ultrasonic signal through one or more coated layers by placement of an ultrasonic transducer on the sample to be measured. A liquid couplant, such as water, is used to facilitate the transmission of the signal into the coating materials. As the signal crosses an interface between two adjacent layers, an echo is generated. Layer thickness is determined by the time difference (time of flight) between successive layer boundary echoes.


  • CC: Clear coat, thickness proportional to distance waveforms 1 – 2
  • BC: Base coat, thickness proportional to distance waveforms 2 – 3
  • PR: Primer, thickness proportional to distance waveforms 3 – 4
  • EC: Electro coat, thickness proportional to distance waveforms 4 – 5
  • S  : Substrate


PELT Characteristics

All PELT models are precise ultrasonic coating thickness gauges for measuring individual layer thicknesses of multi-layer systems. The PELT models µPts3 and µPts3H are capable of handling up to 3 layers, while the µPts5 and the µPts5+ models can be used for measuring individual layer thicknesses on systems with up to 5 layers.

  Model µPts3 Model µPts3H Model µPts5 Model µPts5+
Max. number of layers 3 5
 Accuracy   ± 1.3µm or ± 2% of measured thickness,whichever is greater  
 Resolution 1 µm   
 Minimum thickness

Mid coatg.: 10µm

Single coatg.: 15µm

Top coatg.: 25µm

Mid coatg.: 15µm

Single coatg.: 15µm

Top coatg.: 25µm

Mid coatg.: 10µm (15µm in “H” mode)

Single coatg.: 15µm

Top coatg.: 25µm

 Max. thickness of total coating (material dependent)

Std.: 2 mm

Optl.: 10 mm

 Std.: 10 mm

Optl.: 15 mm

Std.: 2 mm

Optl.: 10 mm

“U” mode: 3 mm

“H” mode: 15 mm

Min. radius of curvature for tested surface

Convex: > 51 mm

Concave: > 153 mm


3.6V Li Ion

Lifetime: 8h

Recharge time: 3 h

 Dimensions  175 × 150 × 55 mm   
 Weight (incl. battery) 1.2 kg