LUS Laser Ultrasonic System

Maker: Tecnar

With the LUS series, Tecnar makes turn-key laser ultrasonic test systems available for researchers with a wide variety of applications. From small, easy to use lab tools up to large, fully customizable industry systems every need can be addressed. Each system is carefully designed by using Tecnar’s industry proven laser ultrasonic modules for non-contact and non-destructive generation, detection and analysis of laser ultrasonic signals.


LUS System Configurations

   Discovery Advance  Ultimate
Generation laser  –  –  Short-pulse laser
Optical probe  included  included  included
Detection laser Mid-power cw laser   Long-pulse high-power laser Long-pulse high-power laser 

Detection          interferometer

 Robust, with fast-response photorefractive crystal Robust, with fast-response photorefractive crystal  Robust, with fast-response photorefractive crystal 
Control unit –  –  Industrial data acquisition, analysis and storage unit 

Typical                   application

 Affordable solution for academic lab studies, upgrade to Advance model possible Entry level industrial system 

 Fully customizable industrial system for demanding applications


Discovery System

Lus_Discovery_L (1)


Advance System

Lus-Advance (1)


Ultimate System

Lus_Ultimate (1)