SOCO-(4 to 8) P-UT

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  • Iron and Steel
  • Railway
  • Automotive
  • Aircraft 
  • Semiconductor



SOCO-(4 to 8) P-UT can be possible to connect up to 8 channels via Ethernet up to 32 boards and build a flaw detection system in parallel on a computer.

The flaw detection system up to 256 channels can be built.

It enables a single probe to detect a flaw from all directions at one time.


【Main function】

Multi-channel flaw detector
Up to 8 channels in parallel (It can be selected from 4ch / 5ch / 6ch / 7ch / 8ch)
Pulse Echo / Through Transmission method
Square Pulse transmission 
Maximum PRF per channel is 20 KHz


【Target application】

Bar, Billet, Pipe, Turbine blade, CFRP, Rail, Power device and Electrostatic chuck



Gas industry:

Local water immersion gas cylinder inspection

Purpose: Internal Crack 



Oil industry:

Local water immersion pipe inspection

Purpose: Weld inspection and weld shape visualization



Rail industry:

Water immersion shaft inspection

Purpose: Internal Crack