DPR300 Spike Pulser


The DPR300 is a computer controlled ultrasonic pulser/receiver with an extremely low noise receiver. Instrument controls include receiver gain, high and lowpass filter cutoff frequency selection, pulse energy, pulse amplitude, pulser impedance, damping level, pulse-echo or through transmission mode select, pulse repetition rate, and pulser trigger source select. A Manual Control option is available.

DPR300-wwwThe DPR300 is designed for exacting applications. The rapid-recovery receiver is fully shielded from electromagnetic noise and interference to ensure a high signal to noise ratio. In addition, the pulser impedance, pulse energy, and pulse amplitude may be individually adjusted to optimize the excitation pulse for a specific application or transducer.


The DPR300 includes a Windows-based software control program to enable immediate usage in your application. Multiple DPR300’s, and other JSR Ultrasonics instruments can be controlled from one computer using a hardware daisy chain interconnection scheme. Areas of application include computer-controlled imaging and measurement systems, NDE systems, research and development, materials analysis and inspection, transducer evaluation, and exacting low-noise measurement systems.



  • Fully digital computer controlled pulser/receiver
  • Up to 450V pulse amplitude; 900V optionally available
  • Pulse rise time
  • 16 damping values
  • Bandwidth 35 MHz (-3dB); 50MHz (-3dB) optionally available
  • Ultra low-noise receiver (49μVp-p input referred at 60dB gain, 35MHz)
  • Receiver Gain 80dB
  • High-pass and low-pass frequency filter (6 steps each)