DPR500 Spike Pulser


The DPR500 DUAL Pulser/Receiver is the first dual channel, modular instrument consisting of two complete pulser/receivers integrated into one unit. Receiver modules are currently available in the following bandwidths: 500 MHz, 300 MHz, and 50 MHz. The DPR500 may also be configured as a single channel instrument.

DPR500-wwwThe DPR500 utilizes remote pulsers. This approach enables the pulser to be located in close proximity to the transducer. By eliminating long lengths of cable between the pulser and transducer, cable effects that can produce undesirable reflections and ringing are minimized. A variety of interchangeable remote pulsers are available to accommodate a wide range of transducer frequencies and energy requirements.

Instrument functions include adjustable damping, gain, pulse amplitude, pulse energy, pulse repetition rate, high pass filters, low pass filters, echo or through mode select (dependent on pulser selection), and pulser trigger source. The rapid-recovery receiver and the pulser circuitry are fully shielded from electromagnetic noise and interference to ensure a high signal to noise ratio.

The DPR500 includes a Windows-based software control program. An unlimited number of instrument setups can be stored and retrieved. Multiple JSR instruments may be connected to the same host computer.



  • Fully digital computer controlled pulser/receiver
  • Two independent receiver modules, or one single channel instrument
  • 500/300/50MHz receiver bandwidth (-3dB)
  • Pulser matched to the interchangeable remote pulsers
  • 72/80dB gain low-noise receiver