The PureView family of Pulser-Receivers are USB controlled and USB powered and span a broad range of operating frequencies, enabling their usage across a correspondingly broad range of ultrasound system applications. PureView units are ideal for many applications including IVUS ultrasound catheters, high-frequency scanning acoustic microscope, and other applications that require low power or miniaturization.

PureView Pulser-Receivers incorporate the latest advances in JSR Ultrasonics Pulser-Receiver design. Advantages include broad bandwidths, extremely low noise, and high Receiver signal amplification.  PureView receivers have two selectable high-pass for enhancing receiver recovery from overload, and two selectable low-pass filters for out-of-band noise reduction.  PureView Pulser-Receivers can operate in Pulse-Echo mode, where one ultrasound transducer acts as both transmitter and receiver, or in Through mode where one transducer acts as a transmitter and a second transducer acts as the receiver.

The PureView Pulser can be triggered at rates as high as 65 kHz for high-throughput metrology systems using an external source, or internally triggered while providing a synchronization signal to an external waveform digitizer.

PureView models are physically interchangeable to enable users to rapidly reconfigure measurement systems.

Across the PureView family, a range of receiver bandwidths and pulser energy and voltages are available, supporting transducer frequencies up to hundreds of megahertz.


・Miniaturized Pulser-Receiver at just 124mm x 50mm x 25mm (4.9″ x 1.98″ x 1″)

・Controlled and powered via USB interface

・High-gain low-noise broadband standard models with 500MHz (or higher) receiver bandwidths

・Custom models can be defined with Receiver bandwidths up to 1 GHz

・Pulse-echo or Through transmission mode operation

・Selectable high-pass and low-pass filters

・Pulser trigger rates up to 65 kHz on some models

・JSR Dot Net Control Panel application and an SDK for Windows 7 and 10 custom software development

・PureView models are easily Interchanged to reconfigure metrology systems on-the-go

・Custom PureView models can be defined for high-volume applications