RPR-4000 High Power Sin-Wave Pulser/Receiver


The Ritec RPR-4000 is a high power ultrasonic measurement system designed for the non-destructive evaluation of material properties. It allows reproducible measurements using short (down to single cycle) radio frequency tone burst excitations in composites and other difficult materials.


The RPR-4000 provides high power RF tone burst excitations up to 8 kilowatts, providing ability to drive inefficient transducers, such as electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMATs) or high capacity, low frequency piezoelectric transducers. The low noise broadband receiver has a gain control range of 20 to 100 dB and very low distortion, and is therefore ideally suited for receiving weak ultrasonic signals as those generated by EMATs. All RITEC high power products are protected against over current and over voltage to protect the instruments in case of transducer or wiring failures. The RPR-4000 has an integrated front panel display and keypad for operation without an external control computer, or it might be controlled by a PC via the RS-232 interface.