Evaluation of physical properties by ultrasound

Insight supplies advanced ultrasonic measurement systems for such applications in research and industrial NDT which cannot be handled with standard ultrasonic systems.




Ritec’s ultrasound pulsers, receivers, and measurement systems RAM-5000 and SNAP are designed for advanced research applications, in particular high power applications and analysis of non-linear ultrasonic properties of materials. They are ideally suited for driving EMATs, and for obtaining material properties on samples with high ultrasound damping.


IDMS-N200-200pxInsight’s IDMS-N200 system is a newly developed resonance ultrasound measurement system. The measured ultrasonic resonance spectra are used to deduce the elastic constants of new materials. Another application is the identification of internal cracks or voids by comparison of the ultrasonic resonance spectrum of each sample with the spectra obtained on known-good samples.