PDL Pulsed Detection Laser


PDL_compo (1)

  • Detection of high sensitivity laser-ultrasonic signal even on highly scattering surfaces
  • Robust around the clock operation
  • Easy maintenance






Tecnar’s PDL is a turnkey high power frequency stabilized laser source specifically designed for non-contact ultrasonic inspection. The PDL is based on a MOPA (Maser Oscillator Pulsed Amplifier) configuration which amplifies a low power seed laser to provide high peak power output. Using robust flashlamp technology for the amplification process, the PDL is built to sustain any environment, from laboratory to harsh industrial conditions.

In laser-ultrasonics the information is ‘encoded’ in the laser light reflected from the surface of the inspected part. To achieve optimum sensitivity with the laser-ultrasonic detection unit, maximisation of the illumination of the target is preferable. cw commercial lasers with the appropriate frequency stability are generally limited to under 2 W. In case of conditions with scattering surface, such power is insufficient to provide adequate signal to noise ratio. The PDL was specifically designed to overcome such problems.

The PDL is provided with large-core optical fiber delivery of up to 40 meters in length. Such flexible setup allows the PDL to be easily integrated in industrial prototype or commercial inspection systems.


PDL Characteristics
Laser type Pulsed frequency stabilized laser based on MOPA configuration.
Laser output injected in large core optical fibre
Wavelength 1064 nm
Frequency stability < 1 MHz
Peak output power < 500 W peak for one fibre operation
< 300 W peak for two fibres operation
Pulse width > 80 µs
Max. repetition rate 100 Hz
Lamp lifetime > 200.000.000 flashes
Dimensions 80 x 67 x 95 cm
Enclosure Industrial grade casing with protective flexible tubing for optical fibres
and easy access for maintenance
Software control Full control via Ethernet connection