GA 2500A Gated Amplifier



The GA 2500A Gated RF Amplifier is a high power, limited duty cycle instrument designed to produce high amplitude radio frequency (RF) tone bursts derived from either a continuouswave (CW) RF signal or from an externally generated RF tone burst.

The frequency range covered is two decades when built for 400W or 1.5 kW outputs. When structured for a 5 kW output, one decade of frequency coverage is provided. The 5 kW output corresponds to 1440 Volts peak-to-peak into 50 Ohms. Total maximum gain is approximately 60 dB. A signal input of ~1Volt peak-to-peak is required for maximum output. A front panel ten turn potentiometer controls the output level. A -40 dB monitor point for examining the output signal is provided at the front panel.
The instrument is protected against open circuit and short circuit conditions on its output. It is also protected against excessive temperature and excessive current by two automatic shutdown circuits. Cycling the high voltage switch will reset the instrument to operating conditions.