FlexScan Multi-Axis Scanner

Maker:Insight k.k.

IS-FlexScan-wwwThe FlexScan is the scanning acoustic microscope that adapts to your needs. Whether your samples are extremely large, of very complicated shape, or need high scanning resolution, Insight’s FlexScan platform will allow building the acoustic microscope that solves your experimental problem. Due to the wide range of applications no standard characteristics are given for the FlexScan instruments. Please contact us for a confidential discussion of your application.


  • Tank and scan dimensions can be adapted to all requirements
  • Up to 8 axis control including 2-fold transducer tilt for wedge and contour scans, sample height variation and sample rotation
  • Flexible drive technology by customized choice of servo or stepper motor
  • High-speed scanning at up to 500 mm/sec
  • Simultaneous pulse-echo and through transmission acquisition supported
  • Dual channel data acquisition for minimizing acquisition time on one sample or simultaneous acquisition on 2 different samples
  • Multilingual software: English, Japanese, Chinese, French, German, …